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Marketing with a story is your unfair market advantage. Let us show you how we do it.

Story Video

Video is powerful. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Our video work doesn’t come with a script and isn’t an exact science. It’s an art. An art that is grounded in our client’s business strategy. It’s catching a feeling, an emotion and a person. It’s making a connection — an emotional connection — between the viewer and the content. Our video work is authentic.

Meaningful stories delivered through video have an ability to bring about change, create desire, draw emotion and encourage people to take another step further into the world of the person or company. They are a way to get to know who you are and what you do when the luxury of sitting down with them over a hot coffee or cool glass of wine at an outdoor café isn’t possible. Video helps your audience get to know you visually, learn more about how you work, learn your history and see your personality to spark a connection. It’s simply one powerful way to help you tell your story.

We have helped companies create story videos, individual biography videos and webisodes. The bonus of doing a video with us is that we also know how to coach you through what to do with that video. We can create marketing campaigns around your story. In the case of your bio videos, we can help you craft the perfect message to send to your prospect, current client or that person you just took to lunch to whom you want to send a follow-up thank you.

Getting started with your story and video work isn’t as hard or as pricey as you might think. Take a look at some of our examples, and then drop us a line to learn specifically how this could work for you. Let’s give your story a life of its own.

Your Video

Story Standards Guide

Discover your story and build on it consistently.

A Story Standards Guide gives you consistent stories and specific ways to put your story into practice to support branding, lead generation and sales.

We know a Story Standards Guide is a good fit for clients when we hear them say things like, “We are looking for a consistent, strong way to increase sales,” “We want our employees to all tell the same story,” “We want a system for marketing and sales to work together,” “We need help creating engaging content that brings in sales leads” or “We are looking for a way to boost our search engine rank results.” Do you have some of the same needs? You’re not alone — this is how our best clients have found us.

Your Story Standards Guide lives on a password-protected digital site designed to help your story seep into your company’s culture. The three sections, The Stories, Story Cheat Sheets and Resources, house all of the information you need for your marketing with a story foundation.

Getting started on your story requires some time upfront from your team to participate in our story work session. Following the session, we go back and put our Square brainpower together to give you your crazy-good stories and ways to use them consistently in your marketing.

Your Story

Flagship Content

Your content strategy starts here.

Once you have your story nailed down, telling your story with flagship content is our next step.

We love to get our brain around your story and use our smarts to help you put that story to work in your flagship content. You don’t need to do the writing, the editing or any of the creating – unless you just want to. Just relax and let us interview you to get your best stuff rolling.

Flagship content is a term we use to describe content that’s created around one of your stories that offers something of real value to your specific audience. (It does not feel like a marketing piece.) We help you identify what stories are best for

your marketing and then create a strong flagship content piece around that, leveraging it in multiple ways to give your story legs.

Once we have your flagship content complete, you have a true marketing asset. This content will live through the ages and support your social channels, give you content for presentations, potentially hold content that can be built into a book, and provide a footing for creating

visual elements to further connect with your audience. Your deliverable is a great piece of flagship content, links for your social channels and, ultimately, leads for your sales crew to go do their thing.

Your Flagship

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