Clay Mabbitt

Clay helps us navigate the ever-widening field of potential marketing solutions to land on the best ones to grow our clients' businesses. To guide our recommendations, he sets up analytics, pores over numbers and stays on top of the latest marketing trends. All that sounds like serious business — and it is — but Clay also cracks more jokes than anyone else in the office. (We're still analyzing how funny he is.)

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Today marks my last day at Silver Square, and this is my final blog post. I’m not sure how to appropriately sum up the time I’ve spent here over these last 6 years. Maybe there is no perfect way to cap my time here [...] read more


At the end of 2012, the Content Marketing Institute polled 80 marketers about where the trends they expected to see in content marketing in 2013. Raquel and Clay dig through the report and provide their own take on these predictions. Some of the predictions [...] read more


The past few years we’ve used the new year as a chance to look back on the most viewed blog posts of the past 12 months. It’s a nice benchmark for us to see what’s resonating with our readers. As a testament to the [...] read more


You can and should be checking in with your clients on a regular basis to get their feedback on how the business relationship is going. It’s part of our cultural training to be tactful, and sometimes that means making those hard truths a little [...] read more


   read more


For the month of December we have a new Square. We’ve worked with this guy off and on for the last few years, and we’re very pleased that for the next three weeks he’s going to be in the office with us. You may [...] read more

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