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marketers of indiana

For many brands, PR equals “press release,” but relying solely on a press release to gain the media’s attention is extremely limiting. At the B2B Marketers of Indiana’s October lunch and learn, you’ll learn new strategies to help tell your story to the media, [...] read more

Welcome to the September edition of Content Brainpower, a collection of news, blogs and articles to give you a fresh perspective on all things content marketing. The 10 Commandments of Content Scott Donaton explains how making a marketing message stick in today’s globalized, revved up, tech-savvy [...] read more

Advice with Walter

The uncut campaign was an idea we thought up for our favorite local artist, Walter Knabe. He came to us earlier this spring and asked, “How can we get this Facebook thing going?” That’s always a good question, especially now that there is much [...] read more

A recently popular post on the Silver Square Facebook page.

Today’s case for Facebook is more important than ever. In a recent meeting I talked to a client about Facebook being the new yellow pages and that really resonated. I think as few as a handful of months ago you could get by without [...] read more

Work That Story

We enjoyed all the love and attention our Work that Story on Facebook contest garnered – thank you for noticing, participating and talking it up. We love you right back! To keep that Facebook focus going, this month on our blog we’re going to [...] read more

Winning the Story Wars

There’s a lot I like about Johan Sachs’ book, Winning the Story Wars, and I’m going to share two parts of the book here. I greatly encourage you to grab this book, read it cover-to-cover and then keep it close by as a reference [...] read more

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