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by on February 28, 2013


Welcome to the first of our monthly Content Brainpower. Here we’ll be pulling together articles and blog posts we found especially helpful or noteworthy over the past month. Content marketing is constantly evolving, so there is always something new to learn. Our goal is to keep you up to date and informed so you can put your best content marketing foot forward.

The year of content discovery?

This article from EConsultancy discusses the importance of getting people off their beaten path of content consumption by leading them to discover new, interesting content wells to quench their content thirst.

12 Tips for Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO

This article from the Content Marketing Institute will help you understand how to use keywords effectively without losing sight of the bigger picture (creating content that is valuable to your readers, not just your search ranking).

Responsive Web Design vs. User Experience

You’ve heard the buzz about making sure your site is mobile friendly. While responsive web design (geek speak for mobile-friendly websites) is an important point to consider, so is creating an engaging user experience. This article from EContent discusses the difference between responsive web design (RWD) and user experience (UX) design and why it is vital to consider how an end user interacts with a website before jumping on the RWD bandwagon.

Free e-books

Sometimes you need to go back to the basics and is helping you do that—for free. Creation requires inspiration, and what better place to invigorate your mind than with the great literary classics available here in e-book form.

Step Aside SEO, Content Marketing Optimization Is Here

This post from Social Media Today discusses why Content Marketing Optimization (CMO) will be the next big thing, and even more important than the all-powerful SEO thanks to the mighty engine itself (Google) and her trusty sidekick (the algorithm).

YouTube Updates

This month YouTube announced a new feature that enables users to bulk edit video settings such as tags and privacy settings to more than one video at a time.

Goodbye SEO, Hello SCM: The Rise of Search Content Marketing

Yet another take on how SEO is evolving toward a more content-centered approach (introduced here as Search Content Marketing). This article from The Sales Lion Marcus Sheridan includes good examples of blog posts combining content marketing and SEO aka Search Content Marketing.

SEO Misnomers

This Slingshot blog post offers up a great list of the most common mistakes made and misunderstandings that surround the practice of SEO.

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