Every Story Has Legs

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by on April 11, 2012

The title of this episode of the podcast is taken from a post that Casey wrote back in 2010. This is a fundamental idea in how we approach marketing for our clients. All of your tactics and messaging are going to spring from this idea that you have a story that your ideal customers love to hear and be a part of. We talk a little more about what the means and how it works in this episode.

Topics Covered:

  • What to do if your story is boring. (spoiler: find the right audience)
  • How to get started framing your story
  • Creative thought exercises that can help spark your brain to shape your story
  • There is no such thing as anonymity for businesses anymore
  • The two critical questions to ask yourself when creating  your story
  • Raquel makes up words

Resources Mentioned:

Bonus: We didn’t mention this article in the podcast, but we do briefly mention negative feedback. Here’s an article from a few years back from Ask Silver Square (a site we are looking at rebooting in 2012): What do I do when someone leaves a negative comment on my blog?


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