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by on October 29, 2012

We’re going to take an in-depth look at how to repurpose your content for content marketing. One of our clients, Brenneco Fire Protection, has moved into a position where they are able to begin repurposing their content. Getting into this position means they have some proven flagship content that they can leverage through different channels. We have identified this content with search through key terms (we use SEO Moz) and have created a path for success in going deep with our flagship content. Repurposing content to build hundreds, or possibly thousands, of external links back to this flagship content is also where you find some SEO success. (if you’re not keeping up on how SEO has changed, a look at this post gives you a quick update)

Brenneco Fire Protection new logoDefine your flagship content

First, it’s probably beneficial for you to understand how we identify flagship content. We use this term for content that’s created around one of your stories. We help you identify what stories are best for your marketing and then create a strong story around that to leverage in multiple ways to give your story legs. For Brenneco, the magic combination of search term results and story landed us at the creation of a fire inspection checklist. (if you’re wondering what your cost is to keep your property and people safe, use the checklist calculator to find out!)

Brenneco Fire Protection thrives with clients who look to go above and beyond the checklist, however, most don’t actually know all they can (or should) do to meet those needs of going the extra mile. The checklist serves as a great starting point to make sure you’re performing the basics to keep your people and property safe from fire risk.

Decide which marketing channels make the most sense for your audience

Once we created this initial checklist, we started thinking of ways we can dig deeper into owning this fire inspection checklist phrase and get mileage out of multiple channels such as Slideshare, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, public relations and the company’s blog. Using these platforms allows our client to begin to own this phrase, have great content for producing multiple updates and build those valuable links on other channels for SEO purposes. It’s one of those win-win situations we like to work toward.

The checklist itself is straightforward. This is by design. Keeping it simple and accurate allows their key audience to use the list to identify any gaps their inspection has to date, or, allow them to know with confidence that they’re on the right track.

Decide how your content marketing strategy plays out on various channels; you’ll have to do some tweaking

Next, we look at Slideshare. The presentation on Slideshare, which is mainly a social platform for business, allows the company to cast a wide net to gain attention for the fire inspection checklist phrase. Slideshare, now owned by LinkedIn, has much more power in search results than the URL, so using that platform to get new attention is the goal.

Decide what role video and visual images will play – and if you need outside experts to help tell your story

We also know video and images are a great way to make your content stand out .We launched the fire inspection checklist video series this month and featured key fire safety individuals, like a fire chief and other fire department officials (here’s an example). He explains an item on the checklist and why it’s on the list. You learn, from an expert, why you should do this activity. Using another key audience to help tell our story gives us credibility and likewise strengthens our relationship within this audience of fire safety professionals… it’s saying “we approve.”

Create various links for your marketing channels

The Slideshare and YouTube video series creates literally 100s of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn updates. There are more ways than one (or 91 – like our book promises) to drive traffic back to these key content pieces… all leveraging the original flagship content of the fire inspection checklist. Posting updates multiple times in various channels allows you to maximize your content and catch more individuals through various phrases that may resonate more than others, a platform that reaches more than others or a search result that pulls in more search results than your company URL – and they all lead back to your website and original flagship content.

All of this content creation also serves as great information for your blog. Here’s how we’ve used it on the Brenneco blog.

There you have it – the basics to creating your own flagship content and real example for how to repurpose that content. It’s an effective way to drive traffic to your flagship piece, create depth for a term you want to “own” and leverage your investment in the original content in multiple ways.

Extra examples for your content marketing strategy

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