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by on February 6, 2013


Silver Square has released a new guide about digital publishing. To mark the occasion, Raquel interviews the author, our own Dean Verleger, on the Marketing Brainpower podcast. Many content creators are just becoming aware of the power of digital publishing to nurture leads, establish expertise, and reach new markets. Creating an e-book, digital magazine, story app or digital guide is a great way to reach an evolving customer base, but the digital publishing space too is evolving. Until now, there hasn’t been a simple, to-the-point guide that demystifies the digital publishing field and helps guide a content creator, publisher, or expert in their field through the ins and outs of digital publishing. Listen to the podcast to hear even more about this new guide.

Topics Covered:

  • how and why we made the guide
  • why eBooks are important for your marketing
  • new ways to distribute your content
  • your next steps for creating an eBook

Resources Mentioned:

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