Law Firm’s Content Marketing Debunks 5 Myths

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by on March 26, 2013

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We have been working with Bingham Greenebaum Doll on content strategy for a few years, and the firm consistently produces compelling articles, blog posts, videos and guides. Using BGD as a case in point, several content marketing myths can be debunked.

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Myth #1 / Content marketing means you are always creating new content.

We recently helped the firm publish its first edition of the BGD Magazine. It’s 16 pages, well designed and meaty. None of the content in the magazine was created for just the magazine. By curating attorneys’ articles, blog posts and media coverage, BGD didn’t have to create anything from scratch.

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Myth #2 / Content marketing is all about digital content.

When some people think of content marketing, they think only of blogs. While a blog is a great place to be found and publish your content, it’s only one tool in your content strategy toolbox. The BGD Magazine is a print magazine as well as a digital publication. Similar to how most mainstream magazines are treating their online presence these days, an entire page of content teases the additional online resources found at

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Myth #3 / Your content has to be at least 300 words and brilliant all the time.

I’m not telling you to not be brilliant, but a fear of writing and publishing your own content can keep some people from getting started. Writing takes practice, and you have to work that muscle. And no, not all of your pieces have to be “at least 300 words.” Content can also be video, webinars and presentations. If those are your primary media, be sure to write about these events or videos so readers will be lured into experiencing them. (We did in the BGD Magazine with a “Pencil Us In” section and a pull quote from a video.)

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Myth #4 / Content marketing’s ROI is impossible to prove.

Content marketing’s ROI is difficult to put in terms of dollars and cents, but you can track how well your content is performing. For example, in the BGD Magazine, our cover story about life after the fiscal cliff is an excerpt from a digital guide produced by more than dozen BGD attorneys. A call to action at the end of the article tells readers how to download the full guide on On that page, you’ll find a form where a little information is needed in order to get the guide. The number of visits to that page and number of downloads are valuable to prove or disprove the content’s ROI.

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Myth #5 / Content marketing and advertising are totally different.

In its advertising, BGD focuses on promoting content that will bring a consumer to to download a guide, learn about a timely legislative action or get to know a featured attorney. In the BGD Magazine, we used the same ads that appeared in regional print media as our own back cover. The publication feels like a legitimate consumer publication, not a content marketing piece. In this case, content and advertising worked hand in hand.

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