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by on February 16, 2012

My kitchen is bordering on Cracker Barrel status. The walls are plastered with art — and not in a fashionable way. These walls are an expression of what my husband and I like, what we find interesting or funny, or what we consider to be personal images that make the kitchen the heart of our home. (Guess which is which. Hard to tell the difference, isn’t it?)

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I can now think of my kitchen as a collection of pin boards instead of a tacky restaurant. If you haven’t ventured onto this charming social media site, check it out. It’s driven by images, all neatly stacked in columns and populated by nearly 5 million users. Like Twitter and Facebook, you can find friends easily and follow who you want to follow. Like Twitter, you can search for content to explore the pinned pictures and videos of millions of users.

Copyblogger recently published a great post on using Pinterest to market your business. It’s full of tactics (56 exactly) for novices to “old pros” of the youngish website. Check it out to get started pinning, commenting, tagging and all the rest.

To me, one of the distinct values of Pinterest is its ability to tell your story in pictures — like my gaudy kitchen. On Pinterest, you organize your pins through boards, like pinning a photo onto one of several corkboards. Goats and cows go on the “farm love” board.  The cover images of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and The Bells go on the “books I love” board. Vintage clothes and recycled-parachute handbag images go on the “repurposed” board, and so on. Suddenly, you’ve told a story about yourself.

When people come into my kitchen for the first time, they are probably forming some opinion about just who I am. There are finger-painted paper plates strung across one wall, a Moby Dick illustration, a Pike Place Market poster, a portrait of my dog that my mom painted, several takes on The Last Supper (including a Warhol version) and an old photo of an 50s-era theater in Bells, Tennessee.

If I were marketing my personal life, I would put this odd-ball mix of images on Pinterest. You can use Pinterest the same way for your business. Think about what images help tell your story. Figure out what kind of images or videos your business can create and what you can comment on. Make connections and share your story in a new way. Happy pinning.


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