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by on March 20, 2013

I’ve been in the marketing industry for almost 20 years, running Silver Square for 13 of them. We have seen a lot of marketing tactics come and go through those years. What doesn’t change is the similarity in the questions I hear on a weekly basis:  What’s the best way to market our business? My answer will always be:

The magic is in the mix.

The creation of 91 Ways to Market Your Business stems from that frequent question and helps business owners and marketing executives find inspiration to tackle their hairiest marketing challenge through a mix of these marketing tactics.

To me, marketing inspiration is all around.

When you’re walking down the street you’ll likely see hundreds of ideas jumping out of windows, overheard in coffeehouse chatter and broken down into simple conversations with your kids. These visuals and overheard comments aren’t verbatim, rather, a sprout to an idea you can use to leverage your business service or product. A color, an object, a word. A start in a connection that blooms into something cool.  This is when I think marketing is at it’s best:  When it’s real, when it’s helpful and when it’s simple. Every idea in this book delivers on those three principles.

Marketing doesn’t have to complicated and it doesn’t have to rely on a big budget. It does need inspiration, motivation and creativity – items we all have within us.

I’m happy to share this book with you as a guide to help you kick off your new marketing mix or add to your current campaign. It’s a little book I’ve always enjoyed pulling off the shelf and using when my own mind gets a little muddy. You’ll enjoy discovering and rediscovering old and new ways to tell your story each time you pick it up.

Right now, the newly updated book is available on Kindle and iTunes. Sign up here to get an email when the print and other versions are ready (they’re in process right now!)

If you would like to have me give a presentation to your organization or upcoming conference on some of these ideas, as well as hand out the printed version of this guide, just give me a hello and we’ll be happy to discuss.



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