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by on February 26, 2013

You’ve created your LinkedIn profile and connected your profile to professionals in your network, so you think you can check LinkedIn of your social media to-do list. Think again. If you expect LinkedIn to do anything for you, you need to be actively using it.

LinkedIn doesn’t bring you business. You do.

LinkedIn is more than a digital job board. It can be an effective tool for building your business and growing your professional network. It helps you stay current with what your professional peers are up to and who is connecting with whom.

Marketing with LinkedIn requires consistent action

Is there a company you would love to do business with? There is a healthy chance someone in your network knows someone who works there. If you have a LinkedIn profile, then this information is already at your finger tips. So go ahead… ask your connection if they can connect you to their connection.

To get more tips for marketing with LinkedIn, listen to Raquel recommendations from a recent webinar:

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