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by on January 2, 2013


The past few years we’ve used the new year as a chance to look back on the most viewed blog posts of the past 12 months. It’s a nice benchmark for us to see what’s resonating with our readers. As a testament to the evergreen nature of some of the content we’ve been producing here at Silver Square 6 of the top 10 blog posts were written in 2011 or earlier. We also see posts authored by 6 different Squares. Was one of these your favorite Silver Square content from last year?

  1. Of the two posts that regularly seem to battle it out for the top spot, only one of them held steady this year and that is Raquel’s post on writing a fun bio. This post continues to get regular traffic from both search engines and referral sites like SlideShare.
  2. The top performing new content in 2012 was our post on the best places to eat lunch in Indianapolis. The success of this post is thanks in no small part to the friends of the Squares who shared their insights on the Indy lunch scene.
  3. In 2012 the story standards guide became a big focus of how we approach marketing services, so it’s no surprise that our cornerstone post on how the story standards guide helps your business received enough attention to make it the third most popular blog post of the year.
  4. Although it’s a slipped a few spots since last year, our post on running a contest on Facebook is still holding in the top 4 with regular daily traffic.
  5. Casey’s blog post on using the right adjectives to describe your brand holds steady from last year in the number 5 spot.
  6. Although this 2011 post didn’t make last year’s top 10, it’s gained traffic over the last year. No surprise since understand the differences between digital printing and offset printing is as important as ever looking to control costs without sacrificing quality.
  7. Coming in at number 7 is the second post in the top 10 where we tapped the wisdom of our circle to identify 22 businesses in Indy you should know about.
  8. Our video guru, Matt, shares a few expert tips when you’re shooting video on your DSLR camera. As video continues to grow in popularity online, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this post again in 2013′s top 10.
  9. Although it isn’t ranking quite as high as previous years, our posts on using Gravatar to control your avatar on multiple sites still has enough steam to show up on this list for at least one more year.
  10. By 2012 everyone understood what QR codes are and how to use them. Most people still weren’t sure what to do with the data that came from using them, though, but Dean’s post on QR code reporting was able to scratch that itch.

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