Writing a Brand Story With Love

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by on May 10, 2013

Tootsie Roll Indian

My husband has two tattoos. There’s the one of the American Indian shooting the star with a bow and arrow from the Tootsie Roll wrapper, and the name of a woman on the underside of his forearm. And then there’s the one he has talked about but still hasn’t put to ink: LOVE.

He talks about that one as a reminder that “love is always the answer.” I have no idea who first said this statement, but isn’t it always true? From relationships and parenting to buying decisions and, yes, marketing, love is always the answer. (Test it out.)

When you’re considering the brand story you want to tell about your business, think about love from a few different perspectives.

  1. What is it about your service that others love — deep down. Is it that your service makes them work smarter, be stronger, appear more attractive? Don’t stop at “my clients love our customer service.” Ask why they love it and what you’re doing to deserve that love.
  2. Think about how your product or service fills a void in your customers’ lives. There may be a love story brewing between your customer and a product, with you as the matchmaker. Apply the tenets of a romantic tale to your story to find parallels.
  3. Why do you love your brand? Get your team together and ask them to put it out there. Ask people to submit words or phrases describing what they love about their work, clients, team or office. Turn those into stories to share internally and externally.
  4. What do your customers love about their own work or lives? What are the values that drive them and influence their decisions? There’s love in those values and every decision they make, including the choice to buy from you.

You don’t have to get inked to commit to or share your brand love story. A pencil will do just fine. Or contact Silver Square. We can help you tell your crazy-good story.

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